Things To Know About Newborn Sleep And Wonder Weeks

The term Wonder Weeks was coined in the early 1990s by Dutch researchers who discovered that children grew up predicting age changes. As mental health development progresses, mood and health change. A child’s ability to try new things is often reflected in their sleep habits and behavior.

What is a Wonder Week mental leap?

All children go through the same changes in their mental development at the same time. Another name for this is the ‘mental leap’. Experts believe that babies go through two phases during Miracle Week – the anxious phase and the master phase.
According to Wonder Weeks researchers, children can only develop certain skills when their brains are mature. In short, as a child grows and their brain develops, they become smarter and more capable of doing new things.
It’s helpful for parents to know if their child’s behavior may indicate a “leap” — or a change in their brain. Learning new things can be exhausting for all of us, especially for young children who don’t have the ability to communicate in different ways.
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How will I know my baby is going through a Wonder Week?

Although your child’s behavior may give you some clues, you may not know if he or she is developing a mental illness. Often, when transitioning from one stage to another, more of the “three Cs” occur: crying, clinging, and tantrums. You may notice that your child becomes more stressed as he tries to make growth progress. Maybe they want to be with you more than usual and fuss until you stop what you’re doing and give them 100% attention. Simple household chores may take more time in February. Indeed, this is the time when the child is the most clingy.

Not all mental disorders are as difficult as others. It may be normal that your child has more difficulty performing one jump than another.

What ages do the Wonder Weeks occur?

Wonder Weeks typically take place over one to two weeks of:

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What’s the best way to get through my baby’s Wonder Weeks?

It can be difficult to feel joy during your child’s Wonder Week. During this demanding and intense week when your baby’s brain is expanding, it is normal for parents to feel tired and unable to do anything.

You’ll discover what works for you and your unique little one. Many parents find the following helpful during Wonder Weeks:

  • Keep things in perspective. Don’t overdo it during the week when you think your child needs to be near you.
  • Look after yourself: if you’re not OK, your baby won’t be either.
  • Accept all reasonable offers of support from your family and friends.
  • Treat yourself to something nice at least once a day just to get you through the hard times.
  • Be responsive to your baby with lots of reassurance and cuddles.
  • Do not compare your baby’s development with that of other babies the same age. This will help to remember that every child is unique and unique and most will be themselves in their own way of entertaining themselves.
  • Be a little more flexible with your baby’s feeding and settling routines.

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